Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cute Pictures Kirby Took For Us......

Thanks Kirby. Love ya Sisita!!

Our Iris Idell

Iris is 5 1/2 months!  She might still look small, but don't underestimate her, especially her lungs!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Saturday, August 23, 2008

S.L.C. Cribs

Joseph Smith Memorial building.

Conference Center.

Heres some pic's of temple square, enjoy!

This is the building I spend most of my life in, LDSBC.

Salt Lakes Big Ben.

Talking Emily to work. Chuch office building, and the temple.

Sweet awesome pic of the Temple.

Heres just a couple photos of what life in the city is like. The first two pic's were taken from the 26 floor of the church office building. That first brown building is where Emily works.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jack Johnson Haaaa!

Just some more epic concert pic's of the Louts Blossom and Her Mr. Awesome having a good time chill'n with Jack.

Jack playing "Do you remember," Mr. Awesome and his Lotus Blossoms song.

Jack, Neil, and the Rogue Waves singer playing some tunes together. Ya, Jacks back drops are epic.

Zack (Jacks piano player) singing "The devil went down to Malaria," it was AWESOME!

Emily and I while we listen to Neil or Rogue Wave. As you can see I've started to calm down a little, but I still look goofy.

Here's Rogue Wave performing just after Neil Halstead. Good stuff look em up.

My Lotus Blossom and I Looking good, as always, before the show.

Mr. Awesome trying to get a hold of himself, as his blood pressure began to sore because of high anxiety as he waits for the music to flow through his big luscious ears.

The Lotus and her sister Dayna give some grade A finger J's. (Representing Jack Johnson, for those that can pickup on that.)
So as to be expected, Jack didn't let us down and neither did those that started it off. Neil Halstead is amazingly awesome, and his music rocks! Rogue Wave was pretty good, and had some cool songs as well. I didn't get any pictures of just Neil Halstead because I'm an idiot, but I have one with him, Jack, and the singer from Rogue Wave. Definitely worth the 40 bucks.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Special Olympics!

Emily and Matt getting some shut-eye after a long day of Olympian trials.

Jake, doing some killer flatland.

Mr. Awesome worming up for his special ultimate fighting match against himself.

Here we get a good look at Shirl, the tow-snowboard operator doing what he does best.

Brian had a great go at the tow-snowboard course, but here we find him making his own rendition of the special Olympics, with his high-tech camera equipment.

Kirby once again wowing the crowed.

Here's Matt after a long hard run on the tow-snowboard course.

John and Seth determined to give the crowed the show they came for, as they fly around the special tow-snowboard course.

Here we see Brock tearing it up with a hang ten, and kirby smiling as she hides her fear of another go around!

Here Bailey gives Kirby some tough competition, look at the determination of a special Olympian in her face.

Here Kirby shows off her killer sledding skills! Isn't she special.
Among the Larsen/Tanner Families, we have many Special Olympians that have dedicated much of their time to the sports they love. Here are a few pictures of them performing at their best in the varied events.