Monday, August 4, 2008

Special Olympics!

Emily and Matt getting some shut-eye after a long day of Olympian trials.

Jake, doing some killer flatland.

Mr. Awesome worming up for his special ultimate fighting match against himself.

Here we get a good look at Shirl, the tow-snowboard operator doing what he does best.

Brian had a great go at the tow-snowboard course, but here we find him making his own rendition of the special Olympics, with his high-tech camera equipment.

Kirby once again wowing the crowed.

Here's Matt after a long hard run on the tow-snowboard course.

John and Seth determined to give the crowed the show they came for, as they fly around the special tow-snowboard course.

Here we see Brock tearing it up with a hang ten, and kirby smiling as she hides her fear of another go around!

Here Bailey gives Kirby some tough competition, look at the determination of a special Olympian in her face.

Here Kirby shows off her killer sledding skills! Isn't she special.
Among the Larsen/Tanner Families, we have many Special Olympians that have dedicated much of their time to the sports they love. Here are a few pictures of them performing at their best in the varied events.


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